tell them all that i’m a work in progress

So it’s been a shitty little while. Some stuff happened and then some more stuff happened and then some more stuff happened. I kind of lost sight of what’s important, and I had some lessons in selfishness, sacrifice, and relapse. Most importantly, though, I learned that having faith in myself and trying to see the good that other people see in me can do wonders for a soul beaten and battered. The past does not define your future, though it does influence it. But as long as you’re learning from your mistakes instead of repeating them, it’s okay to embrace the dark memories once in a while. (Also: I should  note for you all, and maybe for myself for future reference, “learning from” your past is not interchangeable with “running from” your past.)

Anyway, I wanted to make myself feel as pretty as I did two weeks ago, as pretty as my friends and my family see me. After about a week of slumming around my house, wallowing in tears, snot, and chocolate pudding, this is how I’ve chosen to emerge.

I feel a lot better.

take my hands and keep them busy again

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