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ATTN: Denver Dispensaries

I know I follow a handful of you and that a few reciprocate, so I’m wondering if you could help me out.

I’ve been doing freelance writing since the beginning of summer, but I’m now working from home full-time. My goal is to do more specific content creation for local businesses, whereas I currently cover a complex spectrum of topics for businesses literally around the world.

With the amazing job opportunities provided to Colorado since the legalization of recreational marijuana use, I wonder if anyone could shed some insight as to whether or not local dispensaries would be interested in the type of service I’m providing.

100% original content for blogs with no more effort on your part than providing simple keywords. Save yourself time and energy, and still remain up-to-date.

100% of the rights go to you. Once the content has been paid for, it is yours to do with as you wish— No credit or royalties to me necessary.

Price and volume flexible! Name a set price for a certain number of posts per month, or pay just 3¢/word.

Subjects can be broad and topical or focused and promotional. I live in the Capitol Hill area, and I’m fully prepared to meet with clients, attend events, view facilities, and more to ensure your expectations are met.

So many dispensaries are going digital with mobile apps, newsletters, coupon codes, membership rewards systems, and more as the field grows and changes each day, I can’t help but wonder if educational and topical blogging are just on the horizon. And if they are, I want to be the first involved.

Please don’t consider this a sales pitch— I’m legitimately wondering if something like this would be exciting for my local dispensaries. If you dig it, I won’t immediately launch into trying to sell myself to you. If you hate it, I won’t write a negative review of you on Leafly— I promise.

And, hell, if you’re a recreational or medical user, let me know what you think of professional blogging on dispensary sites. Does it seem like it would feel too contrived? Is it too much information? Would it help to see strain reviews? Local news topics covered from a different angle? Opinion pieces on the latest studies?

Help a girl out!

And if you do, thank you in advance for your input. 

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